Monday, 16 January 2017

Day 16, 2017 - "Here's to Everything that Matters: Starting with Me"

It's easy to forget that at any given time everyone is facing a challenge of some sort. Too often are we caught up in the day's happenings, and remain focused on the outcome or our own agenda where as the person in front of you might need a bit of a break. For example, the stupid bitch that decided to road rage me when I was looking for a car park this morning. Even if I had have been going slow (which I wasn't), I pulled over to let her pass and she proceeded to yell abuses and honk at me. Anyway, I proceeded to teach her a lesson but decided not to waste what little energy I have on her. Plus, I have a doctor's appointment now.

Fast forward to the end of my appointment... Reception lady decided to be nosey, go through all my paperwork and probe as to why I'm getting the exam done. She wasnt making small-talk and already had the answers she "needed". Their EFTPOS machine was broken too, so she proceeded to politely threaten me with debt collectors if I didn't come back by Friday. Wow. She received a blank stare followed by a comment highlighting her broken machine. I might pay by cheque or 5 cent pieces. No! Be thoughtful! ^^^
It will be my last visit to this practice. Returning to the one in the town we live in now.

Moving right along. A big thing for me this year is not caving in to believing that others opinions of me matter. I need a reminder trigger. Haven't worked that out 100% for this one yet. I have previously taught myself to break the cycle of momentous thought, but I must revisit it, bring it back to the forefront. So mental health is one, physical health is the other with a few key focus items: general fitness & strength (this body is 40 now & needs ongoing attention!) as well as the various issues that pop up regularly, most notably, my guts and my teeth. I'm always making time for everyone else & what actually makes me keeps burning slowly in the back ground. In fact, I'd say it's not even at that level. So, before I'm too old & decrepit, it's time to just make it happen for Me and my family...

Gym, bike, dentist, eat good, drink less, sleep well.

I'm going to document all of this. Each day. My food and drink, weight, exercise, sleep, and how my body generally feels. It starts now. Good luck me!

Poor - 12:30am to 7am interrupted 4-5 times

74.2kg, waiste 82cm


Food & Drink:
2* small soy Latte
Water 2000ml
Mexican tuna salad (rice beans spinach tomato corn cucumber capsicum red onion)
Fish Cakes and bean salad (as above)
2* nut mueseli bars (Carmen's?)

General Health:
Guts: 82cm, bloated, discomfort, mild pain