Monday, 9 January 2017

Day 8, 2017 - "The Dreaded Last Day of Holidays"

Last day of holidays today.  Bummer.  Have had the best time with the daughter.  2 weeks, every day.  Wish it could be like this all the time.  The wife thinks I'm crazy, but I don't care - I know when my daughter needs me & it's through the good and the bad times.

Turtle had a sleep-over at the grandparents house last night.  I picked her up just before lunch.  She wasn't happy.  Seemed as though she was expecting both Mum & Dad to walk through the door.  Oh well, off to home we went to have a nap, didn't happen, just ended up playing for a few hours and then nap time.  It was one of the good days in the end.  Nice and chilled, lots of smiles and laughs.  A great way to end the holidays.  Finished the night with a few rounds of BF1 after some badgering from my mate, something along the lines of "don't you want to end your holidays doing something you love".  Ok mate, you got me.