Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Day 14, 2017

Today was a good one, after a crappy sleep. Turdle's been a little off on her sleep of late. Not sure what's changed but it sucks for all.

Sleep or no sleep, we still headed out for a day at Adventure Park down Geelong way with our visiting family. It was way too chilly for water play but we had pre-purchased the tickets so away we went. Turtle was mostly happy, even though she was ready to nap most of the time. She went on the mini rollercoaster with wifey, super slow electric race cars with me and then chill break before trying out the bouncing pillow - which she just laid on with her bottle while the other kids bounced her around. Headed back to the bags and let her take the lead on what to do next. Of course, in 20 degree weather it was water related!

Funny stuff here, she wanted to touch and play with the water but kept pushing me away towards it to do it for her. I'd run back after doing so with a little scream and laugh. She loved it.

After an early lunch, tried our luck in the actual kids water play area, with pretty much the exact same result. We'd been trying to get her to sleep off and on for most of the morning without any luck. Too much going on around. So, she was super wrecked by now and just needed to sleep. Decided to head home but with one last ride, on the ferris wheel. She loved it enough to finally get a poop out too. We had to evacuate the ride, lucky it was our last rotation.

Just over an hour drive home and Turtle fell asleep about 15 mins into it (next to her Pa). She slept for 45 mins then another few hours in bed at home. I should have done the same but wasn't ready for it so I caught up on a few of my own things around the house.

Out to dinner for Pa's bday that night. I had a Hawaiian Parma. Not bad at all. Turtle was a bit restless again. Took her home for a trampoline bounce to let off some steam and then back to Nanna and Pa's house for cake. It was pretty late by the time we made it home so Turtle didn't sleep until around 11pm. In theory, that would mean she'd sleep til about 9am. But nooooooo.. 7:30pm rise and shine. Still better than the 5:30-6am it's been of late.