Monday, 9 January 2017

Day 5+6+7, 2017

Had a few drafts I didn't get the chance to finish off as we'd been away so pulling em all into one.  On a side note, I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow. Not for the work factor, more so the daughter factor. It's been an awesome few weeks with her full time. Now it's back to an hour or so a day during the week, plus weekends. I wish there was another way.

On Thursday we decided to jump in the car and drive to Ballarat, ended up staying the night at an awesome family park. Great place with decent play activities and a pool split into 5 sections (foam, spa, heated kids, swimming and a water play sections). Turtle had a ball!! We had Pancake Parlour for dinner and burnt off the sugar at the Inclusive Play Park before heading back to our cabin. Wifey and I chilled with a few drinks and watched a movie.

We started the next day with donuts and fruit for brekky, a swim in the pool, a play at the playground/jumping pillow and then headed out to the local paleo cafe. Turtle enjoyed it probably because FOOD and she even chose what cake she wanted! Proud moment, she chose the best one too. Had another crack at the Inclusive Park, but ended in frustration & anxiety for all. Drive home, no sleep for Turdle.

She did eventually go to sleep in the arvo which game me time to head to Bunnings and grab what I needed to finish off the sandpit. Stopped in at Woodgrove to grab a few other things and then back home to get to work in the back yard. Come up a treat I say, but it was a bit hot to play outside for too long.

Another stinking hot day on Saturday spent mostly indoors. Quality time with the kid and then off to Woodgrove for some indoor aircon play and snacks. Turtle did something new. At K-Mart, She actually picked a toy that she wanted! Never happened before! So proud! She even played with them from time to time over the next day. Anyway, after that, we dropped Turtle off at her grandparents for a sleepover so wifey & I could have a bit of a date night. Good times, great steak & burgers then played VR at home over a few beers.

Well it's the end of day 8 now. But I'll do a separate update tomorrow. Need to sleep and go to work in 6 hours :)