Thursday, 12 January 2017

Day 10 + 11, 2017

The days kind of get away from you when work is involved and that's 2 gone in the blink of an eye!

The last 2 days certainly aren't a blur. Tuesday was a big day of catch-up & planning with work. Scheduled all the partner meetings and had some great chats with key peeps. Finished the day picking up a super happy Turtle from daycare and an evening outside playing & jumping before her bed time.

Wednesday morning was fun with Turtle, couldn't get her off the trampoline to eat her breakfast, so guess what, she ate it half on there. She'd pop her head out to get her next bite, chew it all up and then bounce a few laps before returning for more. Had to leave her on there while I started getting ready. Eventually she hopped off and ran inside... Without her pants on. Interesting. Another big day at work, half which had a migraine so sat in the day for a few hours until the neurofen kicked in. Came home to another trampoline session. Man, she loves bouncing! Best thing we ever bought for her! Played, readied Turtle for bed,
ate another awesome dinner made by Wifey (salmon + salad), tidied the house, did a few emails then chilled in the PS4. Was a good day all round except for the TV fiasco. Lesson learnt. Oh, also had a great chat with a work partner. A reminder to live in the present moment & enjoy life now. If something is desired, then make it happen. Mostly talking about holidays and travel here. Remember!