Saturday, 14 January 2017

Day 12+13, 2017 - "Fly-Bys"

The year is flying already.  It's funny, that realisation pops up earlier and earlier each time round and this is a record for sure!  I was saying to a colleague the other day, "it's all good, we still have 50 weeks left in the year!". Haha.  In no time, that will be 26, then 13, then Xmas all over again.  Can't let it fly by like that.  At least, not without the good memories I'll be leaving here.

Day 12, Thursday. Mostly work based.  Caught the train into the city for the first time in ages.  It was relaxing.  Drive to Bacchus Marsh station, which is only and extra 5 mins from Melton station, as it's much more pleasant.  Being the start of the line, I get to choose a decent comfy seat.  Did a bit of work on the way in & caught up on my last blog post. Nice.  Home by 5:30ish.  Same old family time routine - play, eat, bath, then PS4, sleep.

Day 13, Friday.  Good OT session for Turtle.  Set up her new iPad speech App and she showed good early signs of easy use.  Need to delete all the "play" stuff off it so it can be used purely for speech.  Off to work afterwards, worked late then home to see interstate family visiting for a BBQ.  Great to see them all.  They are great with Turtle and she loves it.  Lots of hugs and play which we never get to see!!! So good!!  Later on just chilled, watched Victory scrape home with a 10 man win, PS4 then sleep by 11pm ready for a big day at Adventure Park on Saturday!