Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Day 9, 2017 - "Back to work"

It was tough leaving home this morning, but made a little easier by Turtle waking up in a great mood.  She was happy when I left too.  Reports from Wife said she was a gem all day which is almost a first for a Monday!

The day at work was as expected, probably better than, actually.  Good catch up chats, sifting through important emails & jumping into our plan of attack for the year ahead.  Feels awesome to be on top of everything, all due to well organised team planning at the end of the year.

Finished the working day meeting with a prospective client and then later met the family at the old park before heading to Turtle's doctors appointment.  All went well, we were a little concerned about her ear pulling (after having grommets replaced just before Xmas).  No major concerns, just a little red from the infection prior to the operation.  Neurofen and revisit in a week.  Easy.

The evening at home was fun.  Could not get our little Turdle off the trampoline, not even for dinner.  But I love seeing her happy, smiling & giggling, so all good on my end.  For quite a long while I imagined not even coming close to this. Turtle ended up going to bed on time, Wifey went to pilates, I caught up on the FA Cup, tidied up and then had another few rounds of BF1 before bed.

Nice day all up.