Thursday, 19 January 2017

Day 19, 2017

Beautiful day today, sunny, warm, nice breeze. Headed to Geelong for work, always a pleasure there. Finished up at Moonee Ponds and then back to the inlaws for FIL's "actual bday" dinner. Had fun playtime with Turtle out in the paddock. She had her favourite pillow with her again. So cute that she's clingy to it. Helped at bed time tonight too. It seemed as though she was comfortable not having one of us sticking around. This is good! Not much else today. All up, it was a good one.

Morning Weight: N/A
Exercise: N/A
General Health: woke up super stuffed up in the nose, cleared with the shower steam, still bloated guts though.

Food & Drink:
Breakfast: 1 cup cereal + soy milk
Lunch: HJ Grilled Chicken + fat chips
Dinner: roast chicken + veg + chips
Water: 1500ml
Coffee: 2*Small Latte
Other: Pav, fruit/nut muesli bar, 4 dumplings, 20* corn chips(gf)