Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 - Setting Some Ground Rules

Ok, so here comes a big year with at least 2 certainties.. Getting married in March and buying a house sometime after that. Plenty of other smaller things to look forward to throughout the year but I'll talk about those when they happen. For now, just going to say that today marks the first of many blogs, a decision I have made for the following reasons:

1. I need an outlet. It helps me stay on track by reflecting on my days & thoughts.
2. I need to have something to look back on. Years are going by faster & faster and it all seems a blur. I hope that having these physical memories will make each day more valuable.
3. I need to be more productive. I'm always putting things off, claiming to be busy, which I am, but I need to make the most of my time with the people I care about while balancing my workload. I must do this without overloading myself & becoming a high-strung, stressed out individual.
4. I have a crap memory. Yep, for the same reasons as #2.
5. I am doing this for me. I should point out that I am doing this for me, but it is on the internet so if you find it useful or think someone else might... share/comment away!

My measure here is 30 mins of writing & reflection each day. I plan on doing this at the end of each day once my daughter is in bed.

I have a great feeling about this year. Not 100% sure what it is, but that makes it all the more interesting!

One last thing. I need to become fit again. That'll be one part of this. Right now, I have the biggest gut I've ever had & I'm weighing in at 75.6kgs; the heaviest I've ever been & I'm getting married in 2 months. Time to get busy!