Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sleep: the forgotten state

Here I am again. 5am & severely sleep deprived. Not even quite sure how I'm typing this. Thank you technology for autocorrect.

If you've ever had a sleepless night, surely yes, we all have, you know the struggle that is the next day. Now multiply that by 14 and you're where I'm at. The constant twitch in my left eyelid is ever so slowly pecking away at my sanity.

This morning we've been attempting to get Turtle back to sleep since 230am. Apart from the 1 night where her grandparents rescued us (or was it 2, its all a blur), this spout has been non stop for almost 2 weeks. Nothing works, its just a matter of riding it out until she exhausts herself, meanwhile I lie here in a semiconscious state the whole time.
It's pretty obvious to me I'm not coping well with this; and really, who would?! I can actually feel myself getting stupider with each sleepless night that passes. It impacts my ability to make good decisions, to think clearly and to ultimately coordinate a standard day at work.

Ah, hello my morning alarm; time to get up & guess what... Turtle is now fast asleep.

I'm going to smile and wave at myself in the mirror.

To be continued...