Thursday, 15 September 2016

Check in chats - 15/9/2016

Headspace is good today. Extremely productive off the back of yesterday's major coaching conversations. Also had some key chats with DPs and leadership. Feels great when you leave a convo or site feeling you've made a difference. I have a lot of thanks for the training sesh last week. So good. Sanitarium so good.

Just a thought, generally when I'm feeling as I do right now i don't have much to write about. Wonder why that is.

Now the part where I challenge myself... Where did I listen to my subconscious thought today?
One moment comes to mind, group messaging App with my peers. I had something humorous to say and I backed away, I thought too many times about the judgement. Come on man. Be yourself already. It's what I'm known for, shitty dad jokes. Set them free already!

Signing off now. Hope the PS servers are up tonight.