Friday, 7 February 2014

Facebookuary 2014

So its been 9 days since I disabled my Facebook account. 9 of 30. The first few days were worse than quitting smoking. OK maybe that's a little extreme, but when you're in the habit of logging in every hour or so for a snapshot of people's lives the urge to do so doesn't disappear immediately.
Curiosity is also beckoning factor. But what's stopping us from picking up the phone for a voice conversation or teeing up a hangout in real life? Well, nothing but our own willingness to do so. In the 9 days I've been away from Facebook I've hung out with the same people and spoken to family a little more. Not to the extent I thought I might have, however, its only me stopping me from initiating the contact... so from this weekend, I'll make a highly conscious effort to reach out... Here goes!